A Lazy Sunday Making Coasters

I love lazy Sundays, who doesn’t? But after a long lie-in and a couple of hours lounging in front of the tv, I found myself getting restless. Time to do something…

Last Christmas, my friend gave me a Kirsty Allsopp pin cushion kit. The patterns on the fabric were so cute that I couldn’t decide which one (or two) to use for a pin cushion. It’s taken me 8 months to decide to use all of the patterns but as I don’t need several pin cushions, I decided to make coasters instead.


This was a nice, quick make – perfect for a lazy Sunday. I cut out the patterned circles from the fabric and paired them up, choosing the fronts and backs to compliment each other nicely, (one back piece came from my stash of fat quarters to make a total of 5 coasters).


I placed a front piece onto a back piece, right sides together and a piece of wadding behind the back piece, trimmed to size. I sewed in a circle, leaving a 0.5cm seam allowance around the edge and a gap approximately 2cm wide to enable me to turn the fabric the right way out.


I snipped into the seam allowance at regular intervals and then turned the coaster out the right way. Then I gave it a good press under a hot iron. I turned in the opening, hand stitching it closed and finished each coaster with some top stitching in a complimentary coloured thread.



The first coaster I made is a slightly funny shape because I forgot to snip into the seam allowance to enable the it to lay comfortably in a circle on the inside. The other four have turned out much better and I’m really pleased with them.


What do you like to do on a Sunday? Lazy or productive?


2 thoughts on “A Lazy Sunday Making Coasters”

  1. This is giving me christmas present ideas!! I though pin cushions was an intensive project but now I see they layout I might try one of those too!
    I usually laze on Saturdays to craft on Sundays 🙂

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    1. Yeah sometimes I laze on Saturdays to craft on Sundays too, depends what I’ve got going on at the time. I think if you were to actually make a pin cushion with the kit it wouldn’t take very long, so a nice quick satisfaction project. Glad I could give you some ideas for Christmas!

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