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Tilly and the Buttons Delphine Skirts

I’ve made three of these skirts already, with a fourth in the pipeline. I rarely have to look at the instructions now as I’m well practiced. It’s always nice when you find a pattern that you love so much that you make it several times over.

The pattern is in the book “Love At First Stitch” by Tilly Walnes of Tilly and the Buttons. I’m a firm believer in tracing patterns so that if your pattern ever gets lost or damaged beyond use, you can always trace another from the original. I also tend to keep my traces in the same envelope, unless like this one it was out of a book, in which case I use a small padded envelope. It doesn’t have to be padded, I just find them to be a better size for holding all the pattern pieces.

From the book, I traced a size 1 and the only adjustment I had to make was to sew 1cm seam allowances down the side and rear seams instead of 1.5cm as instructed in the book. This gives a little more room for my hips without making the waistband too big for my tiny waist – my body is very much a “pear shape”, which can make both buying and making clothes difficult.


This is the first one I made and by far, my favourite. I adore this fabric (first used to make a dress not yet blogged about).


This is the second, which I had some difficulty with the waistband because I trimmed the seam allowance too low – oops! Thankfully, I was able to fix it with lots of zig zag stitching and sewing in a straight stitch 2mm below the original stitching. It’s not much but enough to stop any more holes appearing whilst not making the waistband too thin.


And the third. The invisible zip isn’t 100% invisible and I gave up on pattern matching pretty quickly but I’m not bothered. It’s still a lovely skirt to wear and it does get a lot of wear, as do the other two.

This is such a beautifully simple pattern and easy to sew that you can make it up in an afternoon, instant gratification!


And… ready for the next one, I’ve just got to find a spare afternoon to actually get on with it! Does anyone else find it difficult to find time to make your favourites?


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