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My First Attempt Sewing Jersey With New Look 6285 Pattern

I do like wearing jersey, it’s comfortable and it makes great wardrobe basics. It’s not always the easiest fabric to work with but garment construction is often quite quick, which is definitely a plus on the satisfaction scale.


I thought I would start with a simple vest top (I’ll tackle sleeves later) so I chose the New Look 6285 pattern, (option A), which I bought last year at The West Country Quilt Fair. For my first one I went all out – putting it on my mannequin and hand tacking every seam in place before sewing together with my overlocker. It was also a perfect opportunity to try out my new sewing machine – a Janome Coverpro 1000 CPX – on the details.


Unfortunately, my mannequin stretched the fabric, particularly around the arm holes and no amount of altering or washing resolved it – lesson one learned. Lesson two learned was to not cut fabric late at night when I’m tired as I managed to cut quite a big hole just above the hem when I was trimming off the excess. I managed to fix it so that it’s unnoticeable when it lays flat. However it doesn’t lay flat, of course, so I’m afraid this top is redundant unless I’m doing manual, dirty work like gardening where I don’t particularly mind if it gets mucky. Shame really because I do still like the pattern and I intend to use the larger scraps in another version (option C on the pattern).


After the first one I was quite put off working with jersey. But in a bid to get back to it, I bought several jerseys in different colours when I went to London with my friend. It was still five months between that trip and when I finally tried sewing jersey again though.

Cue number two! I decided not to bother hand tacking and definitely to not involve my mannequin this time around. I did have to take the side seams in by quite a bit and this top definitely turned out a lot better than the first. Not entirely sure I applied the neck and arm hole bands correctly (the arm holes are a little stretched but still better than the first) but overall, I’m really please with it. I think this one will get a lot of wear. Hmm maybe I’ll see if I can salvage the first one somehow….


What are your thoughts on working with jersey or other stretch fabrics? Any tips you would share?


7 thoughts on “My First Attempt Sewing Jersey With New Look 6285 Pattern”

    1. Thanks, I love that fabric too. Thanksfully i have scraps that are large enough to use in something else as well. It’s so easy to make holes, especially if you’re tired. I managed to put a hole in a zip recently as well! Are your trousers fixable?

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