Sew Photo Hop 2015

This was the first year I participated in Sew Photo Hop, which was organised by Rachel of House Of Pinheiro. I found it to be a fun and inspiring process – fun to put your interpretation on the daily themes and inspiring to see what other people’s interpretations were.

Most likes goes to this picture with 22 likes!!

Day 1: introduce yourself


Hi I’m Melanie, I’ve been sewing since I was 11. I also love cross stitching, drawing and colouring. I’m also learning EPP and freehand embroidery.

Here are some of my favourites themes.

Day 13: sewing space


Mine is firmly in my living room as I live in a one bed house. It was the window that made me decide to rent it, I just knew my table would fit perfectly in the bay. My drop leaf table was given to me by friends as they no longer needed it and is absolutely perfect for the space available. Protected of course, by my cutting board that lives under the sofa when I’m not cutting out and want to protect my table from anything (I’ve already got superglue on it once). My ironing board is right in front of the front door so I always put it away when I’m finished sewing for the night, which is good really cuz then I never forget to turn the iron off! And to use every bit of space possible, my stash is organised on a bookcase under the stairs. Other craft items are stored on the top shelf of bookcase in the picture or in my metal trunk – come coffee table.

Day 14: style


It was really difficult to narrow down my favourites from my Pinterest board dedicated to clothes and accessories but here are some outfits that I wear or are similar to what I wear (apart from the dress in the middle – it’s absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had it but I have nowhere to wear it to).

Day 17: proudest moment


Watching sister walk down the aisle in front of me, wearing the wedding dress I made for her (which was also my final project at school!!) I’m sure you’ll agree that my sister looked so beautiful on the day. I can’t help but fill with pride just looking at this picture. Gotta say, it was pretty awesome being mentioned in my bro-in-law’s speech too.

Day 20: learning and practicing


Here are some things I’ve learned recently and will be doing more of in the future; card making, embroidery; French knots often appear in cross stitching and embroidery, and English Paper Piecing. Other things I need to learn are how to sew buttons holes (not attempted one on my sewing machine yet), French seams and I definitely need to practice putting sleeves in, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one so might be a bit rusty!

Day 21: colours of summer


This is a picture I took from Mt. Vesuvius on my summer holiday. Such a beautiful place.

Day 26: labour of love


I started the mini cross stitch about 3 years ago and to date, I’ve spent about 43 hours working on it. The lady and the bird cage I started about 2 years ago and so far, I’ve done approximately 30 hours work on it. Still a long way to go on both of them but I’m enjoying every minute.

Did you follow Sew Photo Hop? What were your favourite themes?


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