Cross Stitching and Embroidery

I’ve been cross stitching for a few years now and I’ve cross stitched several cards for friends and family as well as a couple of small pieces for myself. I am currently working on two large cross stitch kits but due to the details, they won’t be finished anytime soon. That is why I called them a labour of love for Sew Photo Hop (post here). I post my progress online so I can keep track of exactly how many hours work I’ve put into each one, I’m intrigued to know the final figures.

Here are some of the smaller cross stitches I’ve done.

With French knots
With sequins and beads
With bias binding and ribbons

I started the DMC Mini Mk1 kit about three years ago but I’ve paced myself and I often go back to it when I’m not making clothes.

About 50 hours work so far

The lady and the bird cage kit was a birthday present from my parents and I couldn’t wait to start it. I’m having a break from this one at the moment as I find the silver thread really annoying to work with as the silver coating flakes off as you use it and the amount of times I have to re-thread the needle is countless. It saps the enjoyment out of it for me.

Approx 30 hours work here

I was introduced to freehand embroidery by a lovely lady called Kirsten who owns a shop called Make and Do. She often runs classes and craft clubs in her shop and I’ve always enjoyed going to them. But my imagination was well and truly caught when she showed a gorgeous picture that she embroidered herself on her Facebook page.

So far I’ve learnt chain stitch, lazy daisies and satin stitching and I hope to expand my knowledge. Here are the free hand embroidery I’ve done so far.

The pink flamingo
“Make a wish” – this is Kirsten’s design but my choice of fabric and coloured thread
The dragonfly and dandelion wishes

I’d love to see your embroidery and cross stitches, so please do share links in the comments.


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