Adult Colouring Therapy

The latest ‘craze’ seems to be adult colouring and I’ve wholeheartedly jumped aboard the train!

I believe the theory behind it is that you’re focused on colouring and not worrying about the problems in your life, therefore, releasing stress. I found this article regarding the science behind adult colouring really interesting.

I have three books and too many colouring pens and pencils to count.


Here are some of my favourites that I really enjoyed doing.





I do find it very satisfying and purposeful to sit down at the table and colour. It’s difficult to put into words the calmness I feel afterwards. It’s also nice to snuggle up on the sofa with my boyfriend and colour with him sat next to me. I would love to see your colourings (if that’s a word) and hear your thoughts on adult colouring, so please do share in the comments.


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