A while ago, I thought I’d try my hand at mosaic tiling. So I bought one of the mosaic coaster kits from Hobbycraft to give it go, thinking it was a nice little kit that would have everything I needed so I wouldn’t have to buy any specialist tools. However, I decided I wanted to cut the tiles so I could match the design on the front of the kit, so I did buy a small, handheld tile cutter as well.


I found that the tiles were flying every where when I cut them so I got a tub and cut a hole in the lid so I could put the tile cutter through the hole when cutting a tile. The tub caught all the flying pieces – genius! I also found the tweezers that I use for threading my overlocker were great for placing the tiles because of the narrow, slanted tips.


Unfortunately, I didn’t mix the cement properly (far too much water!) so I had to buy a tub of cement and try again.


I was rather pleased with the first coaster and decided to hang it on the wall in my bathroom instead. So I put some sealant on it and once dry, superglued some hanging wire to the back so it could hang on a nail or picture hook.



I enjoyed the process so much, I did two more of the coaster kits and the three are hanging in my bathroom.


I hope to find time to do some more mosaics in the near future. Has anyone else tried mosaics? Any tips to share?


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