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The West Country Quilt Show 2015

I’ve been looking forward to this since I went to the one last year with my boyfriend. This time, I went with my very talented friend, Lucy, who loves sewing but, to use her words, is an “everything crafter”.

Last year, I bought a meter of jersey, a meter of cotton and a couple of patterns for knits. I didn’t spend much time looking at the quilts last year, mainly because I got there late in the day so it was a bit of a mad dash around.


Lucy and I arrived at the start of the day so we had plenty of time to browse the quilts and by heck there were some absolute corkers!! Both me and Lucy were flabbergasted and couldn’t contemplate just how much time and effort went into these wonderful creations. Here are pictures of some of my favourites:







It did open up my eyes as to how much of a challenge I’ve given myself when I decided to turn my Hexi English Paper Piecing into a quilt – wish me luck!

I was a bit disappointed that the stalls didn’t have any sewing patterns like last year but I was glad to pick up some tools I’ve wanted for ages. An added bonus was the bird cotton and striped jersey I bought as well.


Looking forward to next year for sure!


3 thoughts on “The West Country Quilt Show 2015”

    1. Yes, we were in awe of them all. There was a hexi English Paper Piecing one (I forgot to take a photo) that you could see all the perfect hand stitches on! It was stunning.

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