Sewvember 2015

As the weather has got colder, I have found sewing in front of the bay window less inviting, choosing to snuggle on the sofa under layers of blankets instead. I started venturing into hand sewing projects more, deciding to turn my hexi English Paper Piecing into a quilt. But then I found my enthusiasm ebbing and I lost my sewing ‘mojo’.

Thanks to Instagram, I saw that Amanda of Bimble and Pimble was running Sewvember, a similar concept to Sew Photo Hop but different daily themes. I decided that as I enjoyed Sew Photo Hop so much and found it inspiring, I would take part in Sewvember as well (and hopefully get my sewing mojo back!).

So most likes goes to this picture with 26 likes.

Day 5: WiP


Which one?! Well top left corner is my newly undertaken handsets hexi English Paper Piecing. Top right corner is my mini cross stitch. Bottom left is my mathilde and finally, bottom right is my flamenco lady and birdcage cross stitch. I realise there is more hand sewing than machine sewing on the go at the moment but in the colder months, there’s nothing like snuggling on the sofa, a good drama on the TV and a bit of handsewing.

Here are some of my favourite Sewvember themes.

Day 8: Why Sew?


Like everyone else, it makes me happy and satisfies my creativity but it is literally in my blood! This 1911 census (zoomed in so you can read the writing!) shows the occupations of my ancestors (on my dad’s side). It looks like they had their own coat making business as the father is named as the employer. Each family member contributed to the business as well.

Day 15: Heirloom


I’ve been compared to my Grandma all my life and when she sadly passed 11 years ago, I was given a few of her things by the family. 1) her sewing machine, I can’t remember the make and model but I did use it until it’s last stitch. I wasn’t particularly attached to it and when it started hissing at me when I turned it on, I decided it would be safer to get a new machine. 2) I was also given her sewing machine table, I found it annoying to use as I just couldn’t get close enough to the machine! My mum has commandeered it for her machine. 3) In the drawers of the table were loads of thread and a few other things like a stitch ripper, bits of bias binding, buttons, loads of bobbins, and other trims. 4) Her sewing box that unfortunately broke in one of my many house moves. It was literally full of buttons!! 5) the brooches and the ring I wear every day, I found in a drawer when I helped clear out my Grandma’s house. 6) only last week I was given my Grandma’s thimbles. I swiftly bought a frame for them and they are now hanging, proudly, on my wall.
I’m giving the brooches to my sister and the thimbles I hope to pass on when I have children.

Day 18: Dream Project


My Grandma made my auntie’s wedding dress, my nan made her own, I made my sisters, one day it’ll be my turn.

Day 22: the vault


I designed this dress for a uni project back in my first year in 2007. I kept when I left uni because it’s made from the beautiful silk noil. Everyone in the class, except me, were opposed to using this fabric, which I still can’t understand because it’s just so gorgeous! Earlier this year I adjusted the dress to fit me so I could wear it to my friend’s wedding. It will be on the blog once I’ve finished adjusting it some more ready for the Christmas meal at work.

Day 24: Skill Up


One day (when I get the courage!) I’d like to make jeans that actually fit. Loving these Jamie jeans and Ginger jeans and they would definitely be a learning opportunity.

Day 28: Sewing Space


Haven’t got my ironing board up today but the window area hasn’t changed. Still pleased that my table fits in the bay window, it would be wasted space otherwise.

I did manage find my sewing mojo again, thanks to all the inspiring people on Instagram and Twitter. So who else took part in Sewvember? Did you have any favourite themes as well?


3 thoughts on “Sewvember 2015”

  1. You shouldn’t be scared of Ginger jeans!! I still consider myself a novice but I’m almost finishing my first pair. I think sometimes we build up garments as super difficult but the worst thing about sewing them was my machine hated topstitching thread haha
    It is amazing how sometimes things are passed on. I’ve been compared to my Grandmother also. It’s lovely to continue family traditions! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you on every point. The two things I’m worried about with jeans are the fly zip and the pockets as I’ve never been successful in previous attempts. Gotta say I do miss my Grandma. I wish she was still here so I could show her what I’ve been up to.


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