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My Little Black Dress

When I was at uni, I designed a dress for a project where we had to exaggerate one part of the body. I chose to exaggerate the hips with a tulip style skirt to the dress.


The fabric is silk noil. It’s beautiful, I love the texture of it. After I left uni, I only kept a few of my projects,either because I really liked the garment or the fabric; in this case, both. I eventually got around to altering the dress to fit me. I started by deconstructing it – taking out the bodice lining (originally put in with a technique called bagging out), separating the bodice from the skirt and removing the zip.


I used the skirt pattern from New Look K6184 to help me adjust the skirt to fit my hips and waist smoothly. I also used the bodice pattern to adjust the bodice and lining darts and the side seams to fit my narrow frame. I then reconstructed the dress, putting in a new and longer zip at the back.


I first wore the dress to my friend’s wedding, with a bright pink fusion silk sash belt also from pattern K6184. I found that although I could walk in the skirt, it was too tight to get in and out of the car comfortably. I was going to alter this prior to a friend’s funeral but I decided it was a bigger job than I originally thought and I didn’t have time or anything else in black that I could wear, so I struggled on – hoisting the skirt up to my bum so I could get in and out of the car – not graceful at all!


So, when I found the time to look at it again, I realised that the zip in the back (although long enough to make it easy to put the dress on), was too long to be able to put a slit in the back of the skirt. Should I move the zip to the side? No thanks, more work than I am prepared to give to this dress again. I deemed it finished when I wore it to the wedding so I’m reluctant to keep going back to it. I decided on putting in a small slit in both side seams but with lace inserted in the gap to keep it tasteful.


I love the contrast of the black and pink and I got a few compliments from my colleagues at the work’s Christmas meal, (I took this pic just after I got home). Hope you like it as much as I do.


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