Sew Photo Hop – 12 Days of Christmas 2015

Straight after Sewvember, Rachel from House of Pinheiro hosted Sew Photo Hop – 12 Days of Christmas. This was great for increasing the festive cheer I was already feeling from finishing my gift buying/making and putting all my decs up.

So photo with the most likes goes to Day 1: You with 16 likes.


Hello everyone! On the train to work in my Christmas jumper today (looking a bit windswept too!)

My favourite themes were:

Day 4: Memories


Wearing my me-made shorts and skirts in Rome and Pompei back in June. Absolutely fabulous holiday, wish I was still there.

Day 11: Wishlist


These are just some of the patterns on my wishlist on #thefoldline

Day 12: Favourite Things


I found it difficult to narrow down my favourite things to one picture so a collage it is (and even that doesn’t show ALL of my favourite things!). So we’ve got my Grandma’s thimbles, fabric and the foot stall I keep my fat quarters in, roses (love the colours of these ones, pink being my favourite colour), buttons, pom poms, my boyfriend, tigers, Bristol (it is Cabot Tower in the picture), of course my sewing machine, my phone, chocolate and finally a cuppa tea in my Big Bang Theory cup as that is my favourite tv show.

Day 13 Bonus: Holiday Feeling


I always get excited for Christmas but I’ve never had a Christmas jumper before. So now I have one, I feel extra festive. Just under two weeks to go until the big day! Woo Hoo!


I also won Work Room Social’s prize with this theme. I was so happy, I very rarely win anything and I’m super excited to receive my prize! Don’t worry, I will show you what I make with it!

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas. Enjoy the New Year’s celebrations!


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