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Floral Dress With New Look K6184

A while ago, my boyfriend’s mum gave me some fabric. Included was this stunning silky fabric (don’t know what it actually is) that was given to her by a friend who bought it in Brunei, Malaysia. It is absolutely stunning but a nightmare to sew. My sewing machine really didn’t like it. I tried changing the needle and playing with tension settings but it kept skipping stitches. Never had an issue with any other fabrics I’ve used so I think it’s just one of those fabrics my machine doesn’t like. Having said that, it has urged me to think about getting my machine serviced, I realised it’s never had one – oops!!


I eventually decided to make a dress, using New Look K6184, option D. Due to the skipping stitches, nearly every seam has two lines of stitching to reinforce it and hopefully prevent unravelling as I stitched over the first line exactly.

Adjustments made are:
– let out the bottom of bodice at the side seams by 1cm as the waistline was too tight
– also let the side seams at the top of the skirt out by 1cm and graded the stitching down to the existing stitch line
– took in the side seams at the top of the bodice, under the arm hole by 1cm on each side to reduce bulk in the back
– took up the front bodice shoulder seams by 4cm
– took off 1cm at the neckline on the back bodice so the zip would like flat


I should have lowered the bottom of the arm hole once I’d taken in the top of the side seams as once the binding was put on, it was a bit restricting. I’m afraid by the time I’d realised that, it was too late at night and as I had a long drive the next day, I needed sleep more.


I wore the dress to my grandparents’ 60th (diamond) wedding anniversary today and I did get a couple of compliments on it, which cheered me up. Maybe if I forget how stressful making this dress was, I’ll go back and fix the imperfections.

As this is my last post in 2015, I want to end this saying Happy New Year to you all. Let’s hope 2016 brings joy, laughter and love to all.


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