Mega Maker Challenge 2016

You may have seen me umming and erring on Twitter about taking part in the Mega Maker Challenge. I decided to do it as I need the motivation. The man behind it, Justin Jackson intends to make 100 things this year but that figure is not compulsory, you can make what you want, as much or as little as you want. I decided to use up my stash, most of which I bought in London last year.


I counted that I have 11 fabrics in my stash, some have already been assigned patterns. So I have planned to make up these first, 1 a month so as not to overwhelm myself. I often give myself too much to do and then panic and don’t do any of it!


I also have a few patterns that I really want to make but I haven’t found the right fabric for, or if I have, I might not have enough. So I definitely need to sort these out too.


I also intend to continue making cards this year, I’ve already got cards for upcoming birthdays to make this weekend. And carrying on with the papercrafts, I will be venturing into scrapbooking. 2015 was a memorable year for me so I will be starting with that year, just need to make sure my printer still works first – fingers crossed!

So I have plenty to be getting on with! Anyone else taking part in this challenge or maybe another challenge for 2016?


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