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Burda 6846 In Tweed

As it was Christmas and I’d finished all my gift shopping/making, I decided to treat myself to some fabric from Minerva Crafts. It didn’t take long for me to spot a beautiful loose knit tweed. Normally I don’t buy fabric unless I know what I’m going to make with it and this time I didn’t know what to make with it. So I bought 3 meters and waited eagerly for delivery day.


When it arrived, I loved it even more – one thing I love about going to a shop is that I get to stroke the fabric – don’t we all! So the instant I unwrapped the fabric, I had to stroke it and from there I knew what to make with it – Burda 6846 and Burda 6695, option B on both.

So I started with the Burda 6846. I’m really sorry Burda but I couldn’t follow the instructions, especially on how to insert the raglan sleeves – completely different to what I was taught at uni. So I’m afraid, I literally made this up as I went along.


As always, once I’ve made something I always wash it. When this jumper came out of the wash, it had holes in it. I repaired them with my overlocker and then wore the jumper to work. By the end of the day, I noticed two holes.


I was gutted and on further inspection, found that the holes weren’t from bad construction or the overlocking coming away, it was the fabric ripping next to the seams! I decided it wasn’t worth while to keep repairing the jumper, so I chose to make another one and asked a couple of people on Twitter what they would recommend to reinforce the seams. I ended up buying this edge tape from Minerva Crafts, I used two packets.


I approached construction differently this time, applying the edge tape to every raw edge as soon as I’d cut each piece out. I hemmed the bodice front and back as well as the sleeves first to avoid stretching them again. This does mean that the jumper is longer than the first one which works in my favour because if the tape does the job, I will try and save the first jumper with it so I’ll have two jumpers as originally planned and they will be slightly different styles – bonus!


Final edit: I have worn jumper mark 2 two days in a row, washed it with an extra spin at the end and there are no holes woo hoo! Just got to find time to save jumper mark 1 now.




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