My Photography

I think it’s safe to say, I’m not a good photographer (or model for that matter!). When I heard about Emma Davies’ photography course, I jumped at it. So this is what I’ve covered so far on Emma’s course.

Theme: flowers

I decided that as I already photograph flowers that catch my eye, this would be my theme for 2016 and hopefully at the end I will have gorgeous collage to share.

For the first exercise, Emma advises not to stick to the theme as it’s about Exposure. Below are some experiments I did with my Panasonic Lumix. Emma suggests taking pictures of white on white and black on black.

White on White

Too much reflection from the window and the glossy paint.
Used white paper to take away the reflections. Still looks underexposed though.

I don’t think the lesson twigged for me with the white on white. I started to see something with the black on black – helped that I turned the flash off!

Black on Black

Flash was on and overexposed, especially as the waterproof trousers and glasses case are shiny already.
Flash turned off. I think the exposure is nearly there, maybe a little bit on the overexposure side.

I bought some fabric yesterday and wanted to take a picture of it to share on Instagram. I used my phone (Samsung A3) for these photos and played with the flash settings: no flash, auto flash, flash.

Auto flash – Overexposed
No flash – Underexposed
Flash – accurately shows the colours of the fabrics

Opinions and feedback welcome – this is a learning curve for me so please do leave constructive criticism in the comments.


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