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Colette Patterns Jasmine Blouse

I’ve not used a Colette pattern before so I wasn’t sure of the sizing for the Jasmine blouse. After remeasuring myself, I decided on a size 2 for my narrow shoulders and a 6 for my hips. Perfect opportunity to try out the Swedish tracing paper gifted to me by Alison Smith.


I traced a 2 around the shoulders, neckline and bust, grading from the waist to a 6 around the hips. I didn’t find it very easy drawing in pencil on the tracing paper. It’s definitely better than the greaseproof paper I normally use but really, I prefer the dot and cross paper that we used when I was at college. If I get my dream sewing room one day, I want to have a massive roll of it on a dispenser like we did in the studio.


I moved the bust dart up a bit and extend it by about 2.5cm. I assumed the seam allowances were 1.5cm as the instructions don’t state the seam allowance unless it’s something you wouldn’t expect. I found the loop for the tie to be a bit confusing – the pattern piece provided seems too thin when you fold it in half and the seam allowance seems too wide for the tiny piece of fabric. I stitched it within 2mm of the edge of the fabric then used my loop turner to turn it the right way round.

I hate setting in sleeves. I’ve always found it difficult and the gathers on the Mathilde blouse didn’t help at all (probably due to my fabric choice). So this time, I decided on a different approach – I stitched the under arm (between the tailor tacks for the gathering on either side) together first because I knew this part of the sleeve and armscye would mtch. This then made it easier for me to gather the shoulder of the sleeve and adjust it to fit the top of the armscye.


Overall, I’m really pleased with it. I’m very much a pink girl at heart and apparently, these shades are on trend this spring – funny that I bought the fabric last year!


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