Make It Yourself March 2016

I do like these themed photo-a-day Instagram challenges, I find they focus my mind on what I need to do sewing-wise. So I joined in with this one, hosted by Wendy Ward and Emma Miles – thank you ladies!

Out of my photos, the one with the most likes goes to Day 15: Nailed It with 44 likes!


Perfectly matched side seam and sleeve seam – boo yeah!!

Some of my favourite themes were:

Day 7: Sew and Style Heroes


I looked up to my Grandma because she was the most creative influence in my childhood, the reason I started sewing. Now she’s not here, I wear one of her rings to remind me of her and her influence on me. As I got older, I discovered designers such as Vivian Westwood, I admire her extraordinary talent and ability to push the boundaries. She reminds me to keep pushing myself to new heights.

Day 25: Sewing Ambitions


To make my wedding dress. This is my main inspiration, though I keep changing my mind how I want the sleeves. Good thing I don’t actually have to make a decision for a couple of years yet! Pic borrowed from Wedding Inspirasi (see the watermark), found on Pinterest.

Day 26: Monochrome


I adore this monochrome butterflies crepe de chine that I bought from Lilies Fabrics at the Sewing For Pleasure show.

Day 30: Next Up


I’m a bit indecisive at the moment. I might finish my skater girl dress or I might make an Arielle skirt (pic borrowed from Tilly and the Buttons) as that’s next on my Mega Maker Challenge. Or I might make another jersey Bettine (blog post to follow soon). Who knows?!


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