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Tilly and the Buttons Jersey Bettine Dress

I bought some navy blue and white jersey fabric from the Sewing For Pleasure show and earmarked it for the New Look 6000 as it says you can use jerseys on the back of the pattern envelope. I wasn’t sure the fabric would hold the collar or the waist details of option C very well though. I decided the fabric was too nice to risk it going wrong and being unsalvageable.


Inspired by this post, I decided to make another Bettine but with a longer skirt and sleeves for a more relaxed look that I can wear to work as well. Thankfully there is a post from Tilly with tips on how to sew this pattern in jersey, definitely worth a read if you want a jersey Bettine.

I used the same pattern (minus pockets) that I cut for my first Bettine but lengthened the skirt by about 5cm or so (measured by eye not a tape measure). I mainly used my overlocker for construction and my coverstitch for the waistband and hem.


Lisa Kievits from Paprika Patterns mentioned on Instagram her favourite way to attach neckbands on jersey tops, I can’t seem to find the instructions I read originally but I got the general gist of it. I overlocked the neckband ends together to create a circle, then folded it in half and overlocked both raw edges of the neckband to the bodice neckline. The tutorial said to fold the band over again and coverstitch/top stitch it down, encasing all the overlocked edges in the neckband. I really liked the neckband as it was so I decided not to fold it over and encase the edges and I did the same with the sleeve bands. I pressed the hem up at 1.5cm and coverstitched it at 1cm to keep the length.

Handy tip for sewing seams that are wider than the markers already on your machine is to put masking tape on the machine. To sew the waistband for the elastic, I put some at 3cm away from the needle on my coverstitch and lined the fabric up with the edge marked in pencil so I could see it clearer.


The dress came together so quickly, I cut the pieces out around 5pm ish and finished the hem (which is always the last step in sewing for me) around 10:30pm. It probably would’ve been quicker if I hadn’t stopped for a cuppa but this girl needs her tea!!


I wore the dress to work and got some fab compliments on it. My deputy manager said he thought it was a shop bought dress because it’s so nice. Clearly he’s of the mindset that shop bought means better quality than handmade. I disagree, especially when it comes to fitting but I took his comments as the compliment that it was meant to be.


Whilst wearing the dress and walking around the office, I noticed slight folds of fabric flapping at my hips as I walked. I realised it was the shape of the skirt pattern, it curves so woven fabrics will fit properly. These curved bits are not needed for jersey fabric so I smoothed out the side seams with my overlocker.


I’m really happy with this dress and I now intend to use the plain navy jersey I bought at the same time to make another and also some gorgeous, summery jersey I saw on Instagram – must buy before forget! I have no doubt they’ll get a lot of wear!


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