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Love for the Bettine Pattern By Tilly and the Buttons

After a disastrous bank holiday weekend where my fiance had a motorbike accident in some woods whilst green laning, (thankfully he only damaged a ligament in his knee and he is healing very quickly already) and I had the biggest sewing mess up ever, I followed the advice of my Instagram friends and made a tried and true pattern – the Bettine.


Tilly and the Buttons’ Bettine pattern has swiftly become my favourite, especially for jersey fabrics but I made this dress out of a lovely light weight cotton called Sketchbook Airbrush Flight by Art Gallery Fabrics, which I bought from Fabric Yard.


I decided to have the cuffs lay downwards and not folded up onto the sleeve as per Tilly’s instructions. I also put small slits (5cm including seam allowance) in the side seams as I found with my first Bettine that the hem stitching kept ripping as I pulled the skirt down over my hips – an alteration I am yet to do to my first Bettine.


I put the pockets in the side seams again but I made the pockets smaller than on the first dress to reduce the bulk in the waistband. I put a couple of machine stitches in the corners of the pockets to keep them in place, one thing that really gets on my nerves is when I have to straighten out pockets on ready to wear clothes. I found that I can remove those tacks now as the very tops of the pockets got caught in the waistband stitching but as there’s no bulk, mission accomplished!


Whilst trying on the bodice, I thought the pattern would be great as a t-shirt. As you can see from the picture, the bodice finishes just below my waist so I added 13cm onto the bottom of the bodice when I cut out the jersey.


The construction was basically the same as when I made my jersey Bettine dress just without adding the skirt. I loved it so much, I wore it straight away and made a second t-shirt in the same weekend. I have no doubt there will be more Bettine dresses and t-shirts in my wardrobe in the future!



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