Itty Bitty Little Things

Ok, so not really itty bitty little things but I’ve had a number of things hanging around that I’ve not done because there was always something better to do. So on one of my days off work, I tackled some of those things.

I added two 5cm slits in the side seams at the skirt of my chambray Bettine because every time I pulled the skirt down over my hips, the hem stitching would rip. The slits were an alteration I made on my second Bettine which worked perfectly so I will do this on future Bettines made with woven fabric, especially if there is no give in the fabric.


I folded the hems the wrong way really but then I couldn’t be bothered to unpick and do it again, so I put little tacks in to keep the corners from flapping around. No one’s going to be looking that close when I’m wearing it so I’m not going to fuss over it.


I turned a pair of ready to wear, wide leg trousers (sorry I forgot a before pic!) that have only been worn once since I bought them last year into a maxi skirt which is going to get way more wear. I bought them because the fabric is so pretty and amazingly soft too! I suspect the reason for lack of wear is that patterned trousers (and wide leg trousers) don’t seem to work on me. I can wear patterned skirts and dresses but patterned trousers just look awful! Having said that, the shorts I made for my holiday in Rome are patterned but I can wear them and they look fine, maybe because the pattern isn’t too bold? I dunno, I don’t get it either. Suggestions anyone?


I fixed the zip in my white, woodland pattern Delphine skirt as the stitching had broken and made a hole at the bottom of the zip. Don’t know how that happened but already the skirt has had a lot more wear since I fixed it.


I’ve still got a few things to do – two zips to replace, a pair of Merino wool shorts to turn into a skirt and then to figure out what to do with the Merino wool jacket, hem a t-shirt I made when I was in college and fix my first Burda 6846 jumper. But at least the mend/refashion pile has reduced a bit!


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