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Teddy Bears Made With Simplicity 8044

I’ve been keeping these makes under wraps for the past few months (not even little snippets on social media!) but now I can finally share them.

Two of my friends are expecting their first babies and both are girls, due around August/September time. Rachel Wain’s blog post of the teddy bear and bunting she made for her friend inspired me to make teddy bears for these little princesses too.

I made the cards for the parents-to-be as well, I’m still refining my card making style so I decided to experiment with card toppers. I think they turned out pretty well.

So the pattern I used for the bears is Simplicity 8044, which does include patterns for a dog and rabbit as well. Each animal is made from two pattern pieces, one front piece and one back piece that you cut two of each out of your fabric; I used cotton for both bears.

It’s so quick and simple to sew, I think it only took me about 2 hours per bear. I pressed the front and back seams so they would have a nice finish but it’s impossible to press the side seams due to the shape. So when I turned the bears the right way out, I used my wooden tea stirrer from a well known coffee shop (because it’s longer and thinner than my point turner) to push the seams out. I could’ve then pressed the seams flat from the outside at this point but it didn’t occur to me at the time.

The eyes are toy safety eyes whilst the nose was handsewed using back stitch and satin stitch; I back stitched the personal message as well. I couldn’t find any nice safety toy noses but I think the pink embroidered noses look really cute.

I used toy stuffing from Hobbycraft to fill the bears then used a ladder stitch to sew up the hole in the back. My first attempt at ladder stitch was very wrong! But Kirsten of Make and Do showed me how to do it properly so I took out my first attempt and redid it. The result was much better!

I’m very pleased with how the bears turned out and both mums-to-be loved them too. I’ll definitely make more, especially as I’ve just found out another friend is pregnant too!!


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