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Make It Yourself Walkley Dress

My recent makes have been a bit blah and remain unfinished at the moment and I really needed a quick, satisfying make so I wouldn’t lose my sew-jo; I decided to make the Walkley dress from Make It Yourself Collection.

I cut the small size out – naughty girl couldn’t be bothered to trace the pattern first! The pattern piece (that’s right – one pattern piece!) has an optional seam allowance down the centre front in case you want to have a centre front or back seam. This is great if you want to do colour blocking but I chose to use that seam allowance to add a bit extra fabric into the dress so that there would be more room round my hips and bottom.

I’m glad I did because the finished dress fits beautifully around my derriere! The only downside is what happened around the neckline – waaaaay too baggy around the neckline, (I will definitely refine this for the next one). Thanks to Jenny’s suggestion on Instagram, I was able to fix it by taking a total of 8cm out on both shoulder seams. This does mean the arm holes are a little tighter but not so tight that it’s unbearable, again, something to refine on the next one.

The fabric I used was a pretty jersey with a feather print, I forget who the designer is but I bought it from Flo Jo’s Boutique earlier in the year.

Even with the fit issues around the neckline, I was able to make the dress in an evening and I wore the dress to work the next day, it was oh so comfortable! I love it so much I’m planning lots more, especially as I’ve seen lots of cute printed jerseys on Instagram and Twitter lately – watch this space…!


14 thoughts on “Make It Yourself Walkley Dress”

  1. Really cute Melanie! Love the material – it looks substantial enough to be a dress and hold it’s own at that length but the pattern on the fabric is so airy. Such a perfect blend for this dress.

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    1. Thanks Laura! Yeah it is really satisfying to make something from start to finish in one evening. Unusual for me cuz I’m a terrible procrastinator! 😂


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