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Make It Yourself Walkley Dress Two

I’ve been eyeing the gorgeous Triangles jersey from Bloome Copenhagen for ages and after the success of my first Walkley dress, I finally knew what I would make with it.

In my post about my first Walkley dress, I said I would refine the neckline, which I did by lowering the neckline and shoulder seams down by 4cm.

This really helped take out a lot of the excess fabric across the decolletage but the neckline itself was still too loose so I took out another 1.5cm at the neckline and graded out along the shoulder seam.

Unfortunately this made the arm holes a little on the tight side. It’s perfectly wearable, it’s just that I can feel the edge of the fabric touching my under arm, which feels a bit weird.

So what I will need to do for the next one (yes there will be more!) is to transfer the 1.5cm I took out at the neckline down to the under arm, which means cutting into the pattern. I’m not quite sure how best to do that yet, this is going to take some head scratching – stay tuned!

But before I go… making these dresses have really helped me to get to know my coverstitch better. There’s still one thing I’m not sure about and that’s the fact it skips stitches sometimes. I think it might be a tension thing – it sewed beautifully on the blue feather jersey with no skipped stitches but on every other garment I’ve made out of jersey, (not tried it on wovens yet), it has skipped stitches. It’s really frustrating because there’s no reverse so it’s not a case of just quickly going back over that section, I have to spend time securing each tail end with a small hand sewing needle. If anyone has any tips on using a coverstitch – please share!


8 thoughts on “Make It Yourself Walkley Dress Two”

    1. Thank you Linda! I love them, there will undoubtedly be more of them in my wardrobe 😁 I probably do need new needles for my coverstitch but it’s difficult to tell if that is the main issue when it doesn’t skip stitches all the time. I’ll get the hang of it one day 😕

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