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Tilly and the Buttons Coco Jumper

A few weeks ago I attended the Sew Brizzle meet up and picked up some Ponte Roma in the fabric swap. I’ve never used this type of jersey before and boy, does my overlocker dislike it! It’s slightly thicker than t-shirt jersey but not as thick as the organic jersey I used for my second Walkley dress. It’s also not as soft, it almost has a sort of lycra feel to it, difficult to describe it effectively.

I should’ve played with the tension settings really but at the time I was more interested in turning some negative feelings into something positive, so I was after a quick and satisfying make. I decided to make a Tilly and the Buttons Coco top; it’s the funnel neck and cuff sleeves that I love about the pattern.

I had between 1m – 1.5m of the Ponte Roma, can’t remember the exact length, but it meant a bit of jiggery pokery to fit all the pattern pieces on it. I cut the size 3 as is usual for me with Tilly’s patterns but when it came to the sleeves, I had to cut the short 3/4 length as there wasn’t enough fabric for both long sleeves, which is what I really wanted. It turns out however, that the short sleeves with the cuffs unfolded makes the sleeves the perfect length for my little arms!

Construction was quick and simple, I could’ve made it in an evening if I had started a bit earlier. Whilst my overlocker didn’t like the fabric very much, my coverstitch loved it. Still unsure about my coverstitch but I did find this video which shows an easier way to pull out the fabric when I’ve finished sewing.

Back to my coco, I really must apologise for the photos, I was trying so hard to get a good picture of the colour – a deep purple – but it was a complete nightmare – just as bad (if not worse) than trying to photograph navy blue without it looking black!

I’ve worn my coco all day today and its really comfy (only downside is the dye from the fabric has turned the tops of my cream jeans pink! Fingers crossed it comes out in the wash). I’m planning to get some fleece and sweatshirt fabrics so I can make some more for the colder weather that is on the way now summer is over.


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