Mega Maker Challenge Update

Back in January, (wow – where has the time gone?!) I signed up to the Mega Maker Challenge to make as many things as possible during 2016, my original post is here. So from my original sewing list I have made the following:

January – Burda 6846, option B with reinforced seams

February – Colette Jasmine blouse, option 2

March – Burda 6695, option B

The Burda 6846 is a jumper made from loose knit tweed and the second one I made gets a lot of wear, even in the summer months because well, the British summer is no longer long, boiling hot days for 3+ months that it used to be when I was a kid – oh how I miss those days! Also, my living room doesn’t get any sun on it due to the angle of the house and bay window, so my living room is the coldest room in the house.

The Jasmine blouse, made from thin cotton, always irritated me because it wouldn’t lay right, it kept riding up and the facings constantly peeked out even though I understitched it and sewed tacks at each seam to keep it in place. I persevered and wore it for a few months before I gave it to my sister to upcycle along with a few of last year’s makes that I didn’t enjoy wearing.

I was never happy with the finish of the Burda 6695 cowl neck top. It doesn’t help that it shrunk loads in the wash! It was great for layering but shrinks every time it’s washed – crappy quality of the fabric I think. So it’s been abandoned in the bottom of my drawer until I decide what to do with it.

At the beginning of April, I got ill with some sort of flu virus thing and totally abandoned my sewing list. Once recovered, I didn’t go back to my sewing list because I started to find my style and I evolved my sewing list and wardrobe to suit. In fact the only two things I carried over to my new list is the Arielle skirt and the Agnes top both from Tilly and the Buttons.

So my wardrobe is heading for a more versatile and comfortable style that’s suitable for both the office and the weekend. For example, the Bettine t-shirts I made get worn to the office with a smart pair of trousers or a pencil skirt or worn with skinny jeans at the weekend.

So off the list things I have made so far this year are:

37 cards for birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, Easter, various congratulations cards including “it’s a girl” cards, and of course the card I proposed to my fiance with on 29/02/2016!
Bettine dresses

Bettine t-shirts

teddy bears

vest top

walkley dresses

Coco funnel neck top

lots and lots and lots of photos, especially of flowers for A Year With my camera

Work in Progress:
a pair of espadrilles

Poppy playsuit

Shuffle dress

2 cross stitch samplers

a scrapbook of my relationship with my fiance

So here is my my new sewing list for the remainder of the year.

What are your sewing plans the rest of the year?


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