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Burda 6846

Finally a successful Burda 6846 jumper – yay!

Since my last attempts at this pattern (blog post here), I have been wanting to try again but with a more study knit than the loose knit tweed. My second jumper (with reinforced seams) does get worn a lot, whilst the first is still waiting for me to buy some more reinforcing tape to stabilise the seams. I’ll get to it – eventually! (I’m not a fan of repairs or alterations).

So the fabric I’m using for this one is a light weight knit that I bought from the Sewing For Pleasure show at the NEC back in March. It was lovely fabric to work with.
I ignored the instructions, I prefer to sew how I was taught at college and uni. When I comes to raglans, I was taught to sew the sleeves on first, then join the front and back together at the side seams, stitching a continuous line down the sleeves as well. I find this method quicker and easier than inserting a raglan sleeve after sewing the side seams together.

At the seams, I would normally align them facing the same way but it felt a bit bulky so I lined up the seams but pushed the seam allowances, which had been overlocked, in opposite directions to reduce the bulk.

I wanted to keep the sleeves and length of the jumper relatively long for warmth as we head into the colder months but not too long so I can’t use my hands! I pinned the sleeves and hem where I wanted them then sewed a 3cm hem on my coverstitch (marked with masking tape). I carefully trimmed the excess fabric away with my snips (small scissors).

I absolutely love the finished jumper, so much so, I wore it to work the very next day and it was incredibly comfortable!




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