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Tilly and the Buttons Coco Jumper Two

As we’re getting to colder weather here in the UK, jumpers are definitely on the sewing agenda and I had a good amount of fabric left over after making my latest Burda jumper.

It just so happened that Sewn were having a sewing afternoon at the shop as well. I wasn’t able to go to the last one so I signed up for this one as soon as pay day arrived and I got the last space – result! I only took my overlocker to Sewn and I’m glad I did because I had to park in the multi-storey car park just round the corner and although I wasn’t walking far, carrying my overlocker was hard work – that thing is heavy for lil ol’ me! And I’m glad I decided to only take the one machine with me.

I thought it best to cut out at home and to make a quick and easy pattern so I could join in the conversations. So I cut the coco out of the remaining knit fabric I had from the Burda jumper. It was a bit on the narrow side; I ran out of fabric right at the point on the pattern where there is a slit in the side seam so it worked out pretty well actually. Saying that, I had plenty of fabric to cut the long sleeves of the coco which I hadn’t been able to with the Ponte Roma on my first coco.

I had to be a bit creative for the neck funnel and sew two pieces together to make it the right length before sewing it together. Thankfully, the two stitched seams sit nicely at the back of the neck and are barely visible.

It was very quick to sew up and I did the hemming on my coverstitch when I got home. This is another make I’m happy with and I know will get lots of wear. I’ve got to say, I do like it when I find a pattern that fits me well and I enjoy making it again and again.


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