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Seven House 7 Toaster Sweater Version 2

This is the first pattern for the Sew My Style project. I’ve never used a Seven House 7 pattern before. I love the high neckline and hi/low hem so I thought I’d stick to the pattern as it is.


I cut a size small so there would be room underneath to layer it up for the colder months and it should fit over my hips as well. The fabric I used is a lightweight, fleece lined jersey from John Lewis, (I don’t know if they still do it as it was in the sale).


My sewing machine didn’t like the fabric at all or maybe I just need to learn patience and how to adjust my sewing machine for stretch fabric…. Yeeeeah that’s most likely it. Because I’ve been spoiled with an overlocker and coverstitch, I’ve never learnt to sew stretch fabrics on my normal sewing machine properly. This is something I was hoping to start learning with this project and I did do several testers but lost patience quickly… Think I’m too used to the speed I get with my other two machines. I DEFINITELY need to learn PATIENCE – ha ha!!

So instead of using these fancy zigzag stitches that the instructions tell you to do, I used my coverstitch for the neckline, mitered corners and hem, and the overlocker for everything else.

OMG – first time I’ve done mitered corners, I’m soooo pleased with them!


I only had one reel of matching thread in my stash so all my hemming was done with one needle and not two. I had A LOT of problems with the hemming, the thread constantly broke so took more than 2 hours to do! I think it might’ve been cheap shit from a certain “low cost” supermarket that has weekly deals… y’know which one I mean! Anyway, because of that I decided to change the sleeves to cuffs because at least then I could just sew them on with my overlocker, no fuss or faffing and no need to colour match; so that’s what I did.


At this point I tried on the sweater and hated it. The neckline was too high and had folds where there was too much fabric. Also the length in the body was far too short for my liking – even my t-shirt was longer than it was!

I’m not sure what happened with the sleeves, they look like there’s too much fabric in the shoulder of the sleeve whilst the shoulder seam hangs too far off my shoulders. Normally I don’t mind if the shoulder seam isn’t on the edge of my shoulder because it gives a relaxed, casual look and is usually comfortable. But bizarrely, this feels too tight.


Thanks to the suggestions from my fellow sewers on Instagram, I used scraps left from my Burda jumper and second Coco jumper to insert a contrasting band around the middle to lengthen the body, so the hem fell to a more comfortable level.

It took me aaaages to decide what to do with the neckline. I thought about changing it to a scoop neck with a neckband, just taking out the excess and having a stitched line around the neck, or using the neckband/high collar from version 1 but settled on a cowl neck. This was a simple, deep neckband doubled up and sewed onto the neckline after I’d cut off the original one, removing the excess fabric at the same time.


I’m glad I opted for this, because I put the jumper on after sewing on the cowl and I kept it on because it was so much more comfortable. Somehow the cowl fixed the tightness across the shoulders as well.

My overall verdict on this sweater? Love the hemline and mitered corners but the rest of version 2 isn’t for me. I’m not going to write off the whole pattern just yet though. I will try version 1 and see how I get on with that one, so stay tuned for that!

I’d love to know your thoughts on version 2? Anyone else have similar issues? How did you overcome them? Got any tips you can give me for version 1?


2 thoughts on “Seven House 7 Toaster Sweater Version 2”

  1. Some suggestions to finish the neckline. Perhaps you can try to make the front a little bit curvier to lower it a bit (you can see that done in the video made by Jennifer Lauren when she’s showing how to make the Gable top).

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