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Tilly and the Buttons Breton Stripe Bettine Dress

Early in January, I had a bit of a clear out, chucked out donated loads of clothes that I haven’t worn for ages to my local charity collection bin. I was BRUTAL and included some handmade items too.

In doing this, I got rid of the bird cotton Bettine and the blue chambray Bettine. In my opinion, those fabrics weren’t the right kind of wovens for this pattern.

Now my jersey Bettine gets worn so regularly, it rarely makes it to a hanger. More often than not, I put it on straight out of the laundry again! So obviously I need more jersey Bettines.


I bought a gorgeous stretch polyester in the sale at John Lewis. It’s an interesting fabric, it has the bubbly texture of crepe on the right side but is backed with the soft interlock you’d find on a sweatshirt fabric. I’m not sure how this dress will behave in the summer, ie: will I be too hot or just right? I’ll have to trial it but I can say it works well with a cardi, belt, tights and cute ankle boots!


I decided not to put a neckband or cuffs on the sleeves, I hemmed it all on my coverstitch and I’ve got to say, I was extremely impressed with how the coverstitch sewed this fabric. It was a joy to sew on my coverstitch, (though it slipped a bit on my overlocker which made stripe matching tricky).


I am so very happy with this dress and I have no doubt it will become another wardrobe staple with the first jersey Bettine.

If you haven’t already tried the Bettine pattern in a jersey/stretch/knit fabric, I highly recommend it and there most definitely will be more of them on my sewing to-do list!



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