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The Named Clothing Saunio Cardigan

The Saunio cardigan is number 2 on the Sew My Style project line up and the first Named Clothing pattern I’ve ever used.

I can’t say I’m very impressed with the pattern to be honest. The fabric suggestions are incredibly vague so I decided to use a light weight, polyester voile so that it would be a nice, spring/summer cover up.


As I’ve not used Name Clothing patterns before, I didn’t know how they lay out their patterns. I wasn’t happy that I had to trace off all the pattern pieces after sticking together the PDF in the first place. This is because they’ve layered every pattern piece over at least one other pattern piece! Seriously, why would you do that?!

I chose the size small to trace and make up. The cardigan itself sewed up lovely and quickly. I used my overlocker for the side seams, the sleeves and attaching the facings because my normal sewing machine was in the shop for a service. Once I got my machine back, I used this to top stitch the facings in place and do the hems.


So my verdict – yuck! Hate it. I can’t decide why I hate it though. The fabric? I love the khaki colour and the texture, but it’s not overly comfortable.

The pattern? I hated tracing it. Seriously, that kinda takes the piss in my book. I don’t mind if I’ve got to trace one or two pieces or if I’m grading between sizes but having to trace the whole bloody thing, irritated me no end.

The finished garment? It’s too loose and boxy for my liking plus no closure. I don’t think a waist tie will work, mainly because I hate waist ties!

Whilst this one may be a failure, I’m unsure if I want to make another. I’d love to know your thoughts on this pattern… do tell!!


8 thoughts on “The Named Clothing Saunio Cardigan”

  1. I have not tried any of the Named patterns but I do have one sitting on my sewing table that I love (the Minya Pelerine Tee) but I bought it in printed form. I’m not a fan of PDF patterns generally and avoid them to be honest unless it’s simply unavoidable (ie it’s the ONLY way I can get my hands on the pattern). It’s just too much work. So you can imagine what I fan of tracing patterns I am! – NOT! Like you I only do it when I have no choice. You have my sympathies all around! I love your fabric and when you make something out a fabric you’re really fond of and you don’t like it’s just such a heart break. A waste of time and resources extraordinaire! I do think you should try your pattern though in a sweater knit perhaps? Maybe even something with a little heft to it? And I would go down a size in your case if you do do it in a knit.

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    1. Hi Kathleen, thanks so much for your comment, I agree with everything you said! I have seen a number on saunios on instagram today that appear to be made out of stretch wool type fabrics so maybe this pattern is best for something like that. I will have to have a nose around and see if I can find something similar. Thanks for the advice 😙


  2. I have a pretty strong dislike of PDF patterns in general. All the cutting & sticking then cutting again. Urghh. I’m making an exception for ones that are PDF with a copy shop A0 as I can send them off online & get printed off like a normal pattern for about 80p. So even if this looked like a fab design, I’d still avoid it like the plague due to, cutting, sticking, tracing & cutting again. Seriously who,has time for all that lol

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    1. Ha ha! Totally with you on that. I’m don’t bother cutting before sticking, saves time to just stick it. Where do you get it printed? That’s sounds like a bargain!


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