My Versatile Wardrobe So Far

I thought it was time to evaluate my progress in creating my versatile wardrobe as I’ve been doing this for just over a year now.


You may remember my goal was to have a smart/casual wardrobe that works for both work and the weekend. I wanted to be able to get up in the morning, put on whatever, without having to think about it and go out looking put together even if I don’t feel it.

The spanner in the works was that my new job doesn’t have a dresscode! They just ask that you’re “sensible” with your choice of clothing for work. However, I have seen people around the site following the smart/casual dresscode with dress-down Fridays that my old job had and many office jobs have these days.

After much deliberation, I decided to continue with the smart/casual theme because then I would be prepared should my new employer decide to bring in a dresscode.

So my successful makes are definitely the ones that get worn the most:

2x jersey Bettine dresses

2x Bettine tshirts

3x Agnes tops

2x Erin skirts

2x Coco jumpers

2x Burda jumpers

3x vest tops

2x Walkley dresses

2x cocoon style cardigans

Don’t know if I should include the 2 remaining Delphine skirts I have as I tend to only wear them when I’ve run out of everything else… Hmm, that says a lot plus I’ve already given away 2 out of the 4 that I’ve made. Think I need to try another style of skirt, clearly my taste has changed since I made these.

All of the above also go really well with my RTW garments – waist-length and long length cardigans, some woolly jumpers and sweaters, jeans and trousers, a couple of skirts, some vest tops and tshirts.


My current make is the Mia jeans from the So Over It City Break ebook, I’m taking my time with this one as there are new techniques for me to learn so I want to make the most of it. I do already have 3 pairs of RTW jeans, 2 that I can’t fit into at the moment – oops! – and a third pair that I can fit into but they’re passed their best now. So I’m plugging a bit of a gap in my wardrobe with the Mia jeans as well. And of course I will move onto the Named Clothing Jamie Jeans when I’m feeling more confident, I love the style lines on that pattern.

I do also want to make myself some trousers that are casual but I could wear them to work if I wanted to. Plus two of my RTW have seen better days! I haven’t quite decided on a pattern yet but there is a trouser pattern coming up in the Sew My Style project so I’ll see how I get on with those.

Speaking of Sew My Style, I decided against making the Virginia leggings. The reason being is I’m just not a leggings person! I didn’t even want to go out and buy fabric for them – something definitely not right if I’m not excited to go fabric shopping! So why waste time and money on something I’m not excited about, am I right?!

Another gap in my wardrobe is a light cover up for spring and autumn when it’s not warm enough to go out without something but too warm for a winter coat. I’ve decided on the Lola coat from the So Over It City Break ebook. I’ve never made a coat before so this will also be another good project to stretch my skills.

My special occasion outfits consist of 5 dresses, 2 made by me and 3 shop bought. So I think I will play this by ear – if I get invited to a wedding, Christmas meal or something else and want to make a new dress then I will, if not, I’ll wear what I’ve already got.

This evaluation process has been a good exercise to do, it has highlighted that there are still garments in my wardrobe that I should donate, I clearly haven’t worn them in forever so time for them to be rehomed and loved by someone else.

Also, it seems I mostly lean towards casual wear over smart anyway. I think my shoe choices help massively as heels instantly dress up an outfit whilst daps (Bristolian term there, daps are also known as plimsolls) do the opposite. You may have seen on Instagram that I have bought some new flat shoes. They’re loafers so perfect for pairing with skirts, jeans, dresses, trousers… anything really. I’ve opted for flats because I’m having trouble with my right knee and heels cause more pain than it’s worth.


I’m not one for accessorising really; occasionally I’ll put a waist belt or scarf on but I rarely change my jewellery or my handbag. I’ve got a medium tote style bag with cats on it at the moment (haha!), it’s perfect for carrying all my usual crap along with my lunchbox and drinking flask. One thing I hate, is carrying more than one bag – ie tiny hand bag and a lunch bag – urgh, talk about annoying!

OMG – I think I might be nearly there on my versatile wardrobe – yay!! Or as there as I can be because garments will need replacing when they’ve been worn to death and of course my style will evolve with my age. For example, when I was a teenager, I loved low cut tops with jeans and trainers. Skirts and dresses didn’t exist in my wardrobe back then. Now, I’m nearly 30(!!) and I prefer higher necklines and I’m loving skirts and dress! Don’t get me wrong, jeans are still the go-to trousers but I often choose a dress or skirt first.

Anyway, I’m really pleased with how far I’ve come and I feel that I can move onto projects that will allow me to learn new skills.

Shoe selection


2 thoughts on “My Versatile Wardrobe So Far”

  1. I felt so SATISFIED reading your blog today – and I’m sure you do too! So easy for wardrobes to get out of hand – so out of hand you don’t even know what’s there but you do – you know exactly what’s there, the shape it’s in, it’s level of usefulness and desirability and what might be sewn to fill a gap. I wish you all the continued success in your wardrobe planning – you are an inspiration to us all 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you do much Kathleen, you’re so sweet. 😙
      Yes it was satisfying to write and evaluate my progress. And it wasn’t long afterwards that I went through my wardrobe and got rid of all the stuff I haven’t worn for ages and probably won’t wear again, so I feel even closer to the finish line – yay! I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading it. 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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