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Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Tops

I have absolutely no idea why I haven’t made this pattern sooner! I’ve had it sat on my shelf for ages and I’ve also had some fabric to use for ages too.

When I saw the heart jersey fabric that Rachel Wain bought from Barry’s in Birmingham which she posted on Twitter, I just had to get some, I knew it would be perfect for the Agnes top. I bought 1 meter each of the white and black colourways.

hearts fabric

So whilst I was waiting for my order, I made my first Agnes with the pink and white polka dot cut off I bought from Flo Jo’s Boutique when I went to the Craft 4 Crafters show back in October. This one has shrunk a bit in the wash but as long as it doesn’t keep shrinking, it should be ok!


I cut my usual size for Tilly and the Buttons patterns (size 3) but I traced the sleeve pattern first because I wanted elbow length sleeves without the gathering. I didn’t want to cut the pattern in case I want to make long sleeved versions at some point.

I sewed a 1cm seam allowance out of habit but actually it was a good move because the sleeves are snug on my upper arms! Not uncomfortable snug, but snug. No doubt they would’ve been too tight if I’d sewn them at the 1.5cm seam allowance that is on the pattern.


When my order arrived, I got started on making them up straight away, both were completed within a week of the fabric arriving!

And OMG – that fabric is soooooooooo incredibly soft!!

On another note, I struggled with my coverstitch machine again. I was using the middle and right hand needles to get nice, neat double lines of stitching on the hems and neckbands. But for some reason the middle needle kept skipping stitches, even with a brand new needle and it did it on ALL three of the tops. So definitely not the neatest top stitching I’ve ever done, but I’m not fussing too much because let’s face it, who’s gonna be staring at my hems?! HA HA!!


Anyway, as internet searches for tutorials and videos have brought up very little for coverstitches, I’ve decided to have some tuition from the place my fiancé bought the coverstitch. Hopefully I will get better results and be less frustrated with it after some tuition.

So other than the issues with my coverstitch, I have three cute tops that I’m very pleased with and definitely get loads of wear – another staple in my versatile wardrobe for sho!


7 thoughts on “Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Tops”

  1. Your Agnes’ are brilliant! I’m a big fan of this pattern too, and have maybe made about 13 or 14 of them. I haven’t tried the gathered front because I don’t love it, but am a big fan of the gathered sleeves – even if they are a bit of a faff to sew. I found that the neckband won’t lay flat on any of mine, so on my last one (which I have just realised that I’m wearing as I type!), I shorted the neckband at bit, and it sits perfectly. I think the pattern instructions say the neckband is 10% shorter than the cut neckline, so I measured my cut neckline then subtracted 15% and made my neckband that length.

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    1. Wow you really do love that pattern 13! Impressive. Ooh that’s a good tip, the neckband is a bit iffy on my heart ones but I thought I might’ve stretched them a bit when sewing but perhaps not?! I’m sure I’ll make more so I’ll definitely try shortening the neckband and see if I get better results – thanks for sharing that little tidbit!


      1. Oops I pressed enter too early and weirdly put lots of spaces at the end ha ha! Was supposed to say thanks for the compliment at the end of that comment. Note to self reply on a device that’s not my iPad, clearly I can’t use the touchkeyboard properly 😂


  2. The heart jersey fabric is really awesome. Both tops are looking great. I’ve been struggling sewing hems on my coverstitch as well especially when the fabric is soft and light. I dissevered that using a water soluble fabric glue stick is a great way to solve this problem. I’ve a made a youtube tutorial that’s almost ready to share in which I’m showing how to use the stick.

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