Holly Hedge Charity Fashion Show

The Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary is a local charity that takes in homeless animals and, where possible, finds their forever homes. I saw on Facebook that they were holding a fundraising fashion show and I really wanted to go – that kind of thing is right my street!


The show was held in a local community centre and was absolutely packed with people when I arrived, I was lucky to find a seat albeit in the back! There were also stalls selling various goodies around the outside of seating area; the catwalk started on the stage and ran down the middle of the seating area.


The show was split into three sections, the first featured clothes from the Holly Hedge charity shop, the second had garments made by the Gordano Sewing School and the third section showcased garments made or upcycled by local designers. The outfits shown were available to buy as well.

I believe the models were local men, women and children from the area and I thought they all did really well. I can imagine how daunting it must be to walk out into a packed room, all eyes on you, when you’re not used to that kind of thing – yeeaah, scary!!


During an intermission, I spotted a couple of my teachers from when I was at college, studying a fashion course. I hadn’t seen either of these ladies since I left college, 10 years ago yet they looked exactly as I remember them. Caroline’s face when she saw me was a picture, it was funny that she could remember my surname but not my first name! I’m not sure if Jo recognised me at first but then the amount of students they both have taught in their careers, I wouldn’t expect them to remember everyone!

It was great to catch up with them both, sharing the goss on where all my classmates have ended up. Some have really made their dreams a reality and I couldn’t be happier for them – I’m not just saying that, I sincerely mean it. It’s not easy making your dreams come true and the ones who have done it, have worked incredibly hard to get there and it’s nice to know their talents and hard work have paid off.


Back to the show, I’ve got to say I really enjoyed myself. The “voice-over guy” who introduced each model was brilliant, he worked the crowd and was quite funny too. There was also a raffle and a magician but I left just after the third showcase, purely because I was so tired after a long week and I still had to drive myself home.

Holly Hedge announced that they raised an amazing £1320.18 from the event and every penny will go to a good cause, which you can read more about here.

This was the first fashion show event that Holly Hedge has ever done, maybe it’ll be a regular thing? We’ll have to wait and see on that one!


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