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Califaye Collection Basics Pocket Skirt

I’m going to be bluntly honest – I’d never heard of Califaye Collection before the Sew My Style project and I can’t say I was overly pleased with my finished skirt or the process to make it. I found the instructions to be more complicated than they needed to be for such a simple skirt; I ended up ignoring them.


When aligning the pockets, the instructions say to match up with the notches but they seem to be in the wrong place on the pattern because it doesn’t correspond with the diagrams in the instructions. I followed the diagram and aligned the pockets with the top and side edges but I now think this was a mistake and probably the cause of the problems I had inserting the zip.

I tried two different methods – a lapped zip and an invisible zip, the latter worked better but I wasn’t happy with it at all. It made the opening of the left pocket smaller than the right pocket. Oh I could still get my hand in it, but I could feel the pocket opening sitting closer to my wrist than the right pocket.


If I were to make this again, I would move the pocket towards the centre front more and sew them on as a patch pocket all the way round.

As it stands though, I wouldn’t make this skirt again. I’m not a fan of gathers as it is but I thought I’d give it ago as I’d identified in my evaluation post that I need to try different shapes for skirts as my Delphine skirts, which are a simple A line shape, weren’t being worn very much.


I wore the basics pocket skirt to work the next day and I’ve gotta say, I felt soooo self-conscious all day!! That’s not like me at all. Even the way I walked was off! Normally I walk down the office with my head held high, cool as a cucumber. Well not that day. I was a shrinking violet, head down more often than not. Why? Because I wasn’t comfortable in the skirt and it totally threw me off my game. It also doesn’t help that I felt the elastic give way during the day so I was terrified the skirt was going to fall down! Thankfully it didn’t.

Because I love the gorgeous linen fabric so much, I’ve decided not to just give it to a charity shop. I intend to alter it so I will be happy with the shape and be able to walk with confidence again.


I don’t seem to be doing very well with this Sew My Style project. Either I don’t love the pattern but try to be open minded by trying new things or it all goes wrong – anyone else having similar issues?

I’m making the Califaye Collection Hampshire trousers next because trousers are something I need to get into making (I have far too many tops and dresses and not enough bottoms!!), wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Califaye Collection Basics Pocket Skirt”

  1. It’s such a shame this skirt wasn’t for you because the fabric is gorgeous! You’re right to refashion it if it sucked the confidence out of you. Look forward to seeing what you transform it into.

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    1. Oh yes the fabric is fabulous. It is shame but at least I tried and now I know gathered skirts are not for me so not a total waste. Don’t worry, you won’t have too long to wait and find out what I did with the fabric 😉 xx


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