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The Sew Over It Erin Skirt Two

I discovered that you can buy fabric from Amazon – who knew?! So I bought 3 metres of corduroy in 3 colours, burgundy, rust and “air force” blue, all were destined to be Erin skirts.


I absolutely LOVE my first Erin skirt, it gets worn nearly every week. The brown corduroy has some stretch in it which makes it really comfortable. The only down side with it is the waistband has collapsed terribly. I should’ve interfaced it but I thought the corduroy was thick enough and would stand well on its own. Oh well – lesson learned.


I decided to use the burgundy corduroy first. It sewed really well but doesn’t have as much stretch in it like the brown corduroy. I took the hem up by 2.5cm again as I prefer that length. Though I remembered to tuck in the corners this time; that’s one thing that bugs me with the brown one, I can see my overlocker stitches as I walk because I didn’t tuck the corners in – lesson two learned!


I was really pleased that I didn’t have any problems sewing the button holes, especially after the fuck up that happened the last time I sewed buttons holes on corduroy (read here)!

Unfortunately, I spaced them too far apart so the bottom buttonhole is too low and restricts my walking if I have that button done up. Not much I can do about it now so I’ll probably just leave it as it is but never do that button up! So that brings the count up to lesson three learned!


I interfaced the waistband this time (with shit interfacing, it’s supposed to be iron-on but there’s hardly any glue on it) but forgot the button stand – whoops!

I wore the skirt a few times and found it a bit snug so I let the side seams out by 0.5cm on each side – sooo much better! Noted to self, sew the side seams at 1cm SA.

So I think it’s safe to say, the Erin skirt is a massive hit and a staple in my wardrobe – boo yeah! What are your favourite wardrobe staples?



2 thoughts on “The Sew Over It Erin Skirt Two”

  1. Years ago I had a skirt like these and wore it to shreds or it didn’t fit me anymore I can’t remember 🙂 Love the button down! Thank you for sharing “lessons learned” – if I decide to make one in the future I’ll (hopefully!) remember what to avoid doing. For example I would have thought the same thing about corduroy – that it wouldn’t need to be interfaced – but I guess a waist band does get quite a workout!

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    1. Glad the lessons I learned have helped! The waistband on my second Erin skirt is still standing tall, just goes to show the difference a bit of interfacing does.


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