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The Grainline Studio Moss Skirt

Since successfully learning to install a fly zip, I’ve gotten more confident in my skills so I decided to buy the Moss Skirt pattern from The Grainline Studio. The only reason I put it off was because of the fly zip. I decided to use the blue corduroy from my stash that I’d originally bought for another Erin skirt.


I found the instructions rather freeing because every step said to finish the seams how I pleased. I chose to overlock the seams together and top stitch them down. If memory serves me correctly, this is called a false flat felled seam.


The instructions to insert the fly zip confused me though, so I used the instructions from the Mia jeans to help me do that bit as those make sense in my head. I used a vintage zip from my stash in a complimentary olive colour – I love it!


One thing to point out about the pattern though, I thought it was silly that the pockets overlapped the zip so I cut those back by about 2cm.


I cut the medium size because someone *cough cough* has gained some weight but really I could’ve gone for the small. The skirt is supposed to sit just below the natural waist, well this one didn’t; it sat on my hips. It felt quite loose, not so loose that I thought it was gonna fall down but definitely looser than I’m used to.


I ended up taking 3cm off each side at the waist and graded out to 1cm around the hip and down the side seam. This worked beautifully and the skirt now sits at my waist and I’m very comfortable in it.


To finish, I opted for the band round the bottom of the skirt. I’m not a mini skirt kinda girl, knee length or just above is my comfort zone so I wanted the longer look. Overall, I’m really happy with it and I’m positive there will be more Moss skirts in my future!



2 thoughts on “The Grainline Studio Moss Skirt”

  1. Great skirt! That’s something I haven’t done yet either (sewing a fly zip!) – I’ve been meaning to make myself a denim skirt. I’ve had so many in the past and just wore them to rags – time to get another but this time make it mine 🙂

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