The Overlocker Series

What Needles and Thread to Use in your Overlocker

Overlockers use specific needles that are designed for both stretch and woven fabrics, which means there isn’t any need to use ballpoint needles.


You may remember that my overlocker is a Janome 9200D and it takes HA X 1SP needles. Size 75 for lighter fabric and size 90 for heavy fabric. I have more needles in the size 90 as I tend to use medium to heavy weight fabrics.

It is recommended that you change needles in your overlocker regularly, like you would with a normal sewing machine.


Make sure you know the needle size needed for your machine. There may be a sticker on your machine that tells you, or it may be listed in your manual. Alternatively, you could check with the manufacturer or with a specialist dealer.

So onto thread, I use Gutermann or Coats Moon Thread. I have used cheap thread but only if I’ve completely run out of my usual. My overlocker handles the cheap thread pretty well but that doesn’t mean to say all other machines do too!


It is usually recommended that you only use top quality thread in your overlocker. If you want to use cheap thread, I would suggest that you do lots of tests on scrap fabric to see if your machine can handle the cheap stuff and make sure all your tensions and settings are correct.

I hope you found this post useful and any queries you may have had have been answered!

Disclaimer: I checked these details with my local Janome dealer to ensure I gave you the most accurate information possible. 

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