Made For Me

The Califaye Pocket/Moss Skirt Mash Up

As you may know, the Califaye Basics Pocket Skirt was not a success for me. I felt really self-conscious when wearing it and generally uncomfortable. I didn’t love it. So, what did I do about it? I took it apart and salvaged the linen and invisible zip to use for another skirt.


After the (mostly) successful Moss skirt, I decided to use the majority of that pattern for the new linen skirt. As I’d had to take in the Moss skirt to fit me, I reduced the size of my pattern to a 4, which measured to be less than the amount I actually took the skirt in by, so I thought I was playing it safe. However, this turned out to be a little bit too much on the hip and not enough around the waist – story of my life when it comes to garments made from woven fabrics. I definitely get on a lot better with knits and jersey!


So from the Moss skirt, I combined two of the front pattern pieces to create a whole front skirt piece so I could keep the patch pockets from the Califaye skirt. I decided to to do the double top stitching lines again as I’m rather fond of this look now.


I didn’t have enough linen to make the longer length Moss skirt so I used some dandelion print cotton from my stash for the panel around the bottom. I also had to cut a new waistband facing so I used the cotton for that too. I love how the two fabrics complement each other so well.


I struggled with the zip insertion and constructing the waistband but I think that was mostly because I was tired when I did them. I keep looking at it and thinking, it’ll do so I have no intentions on re-doing it anytime soon.


I wore the skirt to work the very next day and was rather pleased with how different I felt in it. I wasn’t self-conscious at all, in fact, I don’t remember paying the skirt much attention at all really. Occasionally pulling it down again as it did like to ride up a bit, but other than that, I was comfortable and able to get on with the day job without stressing about it all day. So overall, I’d say it was a winner – woohoo!



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