Pattern Testing

Kommatia Patterns Bomber Jacket

I think I’m in love with bomber jackets – who’d have thought it?! Jessica from Kommatia Patterns put a request out for pattern testers to test her new bomber jacket pattern J004 and I absolutely jumped at the chance!

Kommatia Patterns Bomber Jacket

I bought the butterfly polyester crepe de chine at the Sewing for Pleasure and Hobbycrafts Show I went to a couple of years ago. It’s been sat in my stash for that long because I kept changing my mind what I was going to make with it. I normally don’t buy fabric unless I know what I’m going to make with it but this fabric was too gorgeous to leave behind, it’s a shame I only bought a metre of it.


I bought the white brushed cotton from Minerva Crafts straight after Lydia’s bomber jacket class so I could make another. On Lydia’s recommendation, I went to Roud Fabrics in Easton to buy the ribbing – it was an absolute bargain! And OMG the range of fabrics they have is massive, I will definitely be going back.


I decided to line the crepe de chine with the brushed cotton so that the pockets or any top I wear won’t be seen through the butterfly pattern. I machine tacked the front and back panels of the crepe de chine to the brushed cotton panels so that I could treat each piece as one and continue to follow Jessica’s instructions.


I added a hanging loop at the neckline again, but thanks to the neck binding, I’m confident it won’t fall out of this jacket. Not that this has happened to my other jacket, but the risk is more prominent. I’m tempted to add a neck binding to my first one to secure that hanging loop too.


So what did I think about the pattern? I loved it! I found Jessica’s instructions straight forward, especially for sewing the zipped pockets – not something I’ve done before so was good to learn something new too. I cut out a size Small, which fitted me perfectly.


So overall, another fab pattern from Kommatia Patterns and it was a privilege to have the opportunity to test it – thanks again, Jessica. I have no doubt this will be a popular pattern.

Right, I’m off to research fabric to make another! I really want a blue one – stay tuned for that…


Disclaimer: opinions are my own and the pattern was gifted to me in order to test it.

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