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My Intro To Bra Making

How hard can making a bralette be? There are no wires involved, just fabric and elastic. Well apparently harder than you’d think! I’ve tried to make two bras now and both were not great, one of them I can’t even wear!

My Intro Into Bra Making

So the first pattern I tried was a freebie from Madalynne called the Mallori Lane. I love Madalynne’s patterns, they’re so pretty and have interesting details; the Mallori Lane has straps across the back which I really like. Now this bra might (and it’s a big might) have turned out ok had I not cut all the elastic and straps too short. Lesson 1 – don’t cut the elastic smaller than your measurements. The elastic needs to stretch over your head and shoulders as you pull the bralette on. You may think this is an obvious one, but apparently not to me – HA HA!

My Intro Into Bra Making

The fabric was from a kit I bought from The Bra Shop on Etsy; both the powernet and the lace slipped around constantly, it was a bloody nightmare! Also didn’t help I was on holiday at the time so I didn’t have all of my tools that would’ve made sewing it a lot easier.

My Intro Into Bra Making

The second pattern I tried was the Jersey Bralette by The Tailoress, another cute bra that I thought would be a good intro to bra making. I cut the size 8 for the back band and cup size C, I thought it better to make one too big than too small. In hindsight, I should’ve cut the size 6 and an A cup then I might’ve actually ended up with a wearable bra the first time around. Lesson 2 – measure properly! To make it wearable, I took the darts in by 4cm each and took 7cm out of the back band.

My Intro Into Bra Making

Overall, this was a good make, the instructions were relatively easy to follow. I think there was only one bit I had to read a couple of times and that was assembling the straps. I definitely got on better with sewing the elastic on as well, which I’m pleased about. I’m not sure if I’m actually going to wear the jersey bra or not; if I’m honest, I’m not loving it. On the other hand though, it’s been a good learning curve and I’ve bought some more bra supplies so I will definitely continue making bras and hopefully get a lot better at it.

My Intro Into Bra Making

If you know of any good tutorials or have any tips on making bras, please share them in the comments.


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