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What Needles and Thread to Use in your Overlocker

Overlockers use specific needles that are designed for both stretch and woven fabrics, which means there isn’t any need to use ballpoint needles. You may remember that my overlocker is a Janome 9200D and it takes HA X 1SP needles. Size 75 for lighter fabric and size 90 for heavy fabric. I have more needles… Continue reading What Needles and Thread to Use in your Overlocker

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Overlocker Differential Feed Explained

So what is the differential feed? In a nutshell, it controls the movement of the front and rear feed dogs under the presser foot. Why would you need to adjust the differential feed? Because if you don’t, you may end up with puckering, gathering or stretching of the fabric - the picture below has all… Continue reading Overlocker Differential Feed Explained

The Overlocker Series

How To Sew With Knits On Your Overlocker

I was asked how to sew knits on an overlocker. Answer – really easily! Honestly, it is so quick and easy, I LOVE it and I'm sure you will too. At college, I was told to tack (baste) every seam before sewing it. So when I made my first jersey vest top, I went through… Continue reading How To Sew With Knits On Your Overlocker

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The Overlocker Series

Become Friends With Your Overlocker

I've seen so many posts and comments on social media where people have said that they're apprehensive, scared even, of overlockers. Honestly people, there is no need to be afraid of them, below are my tips for making friends with your overlocker. This is Boris, my Janome 9200D overlocker. I've had him at least 8… Continue reading Become Friends With Your Overlocker